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Our Take on AI

| 1 minute read

Is Human-Created Content a New Premium Product?

Major digital platforms, including YouTube, Meta, and TikTok, have recently updated their policies to include labeling of AI-generated content. YouTube and Meta have implemented labels such as "Made with AI" across various media forms to clearly indicate content that has been AI-generated and/or manipulated. TikTok recently expanded its policy to require labeling for all AI-generated content, including those uploaded from external sources. These updates reflect a trend within the industry toward providing clear disclosures to users about the nature of the content they are viewing. These changes also come as new laws, such as the EU AI Act, require watermarking of AI-generated content.

The introduction of clear labeling practices for AI-generated content by platforms like YouTube, Meta, and TikTok marks a significant step in addressing digital content authenticity. As highlighted in the linked article, TikTok's use of Content Credentials and Meta's commitment to identifying AI-generated media with specific labels, such as "Made with AI," help clarify the origin of content for users. These labeling initiatives provide consumers with clear distinctions between human-created and AI-generated content, offering a newfound clarity that may have previously been unclear. This enhancement in transparency underscores an industry-wide commitment to improving the consumer experience by ensuring the authenticity of digital media is readily discernible.

The implications for creators and consumers are potentially significant. The integration of transparency measures across platforms could serve as a barometer for viewers' trust and reshape the content consumption landscape. Is human-generated content going to command a premium in the digital marketplace? Will the rarity of human-crafted media boost its value in an AI-saturated market?

The move is part of an overall effort by those in the technology industry to provide more safeguards for AI usage.