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Our Take on AI

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White House AI Executive Order - Completed Agency Actions

The White House Executive Order issued on October 30, 2023, mandates federal agencies to take various actions and issue reports regarding artificial intelligence and its use and/or regulation within the federal government. On January 29, 2024, the White House updated its “Fact Sheet” related to the Executive Order, detailing the actions taken by government agencies thus far. Those agencies include: 

  1. Technology Modernization Board
  2. Department of Transportation
  3. Agencies identified by the National Science Foundation
  4. Office of Science and Technology Policy & Office of Management and Budget
  5. White House Chief of Staff’s Office
  6. Agencies coordinating with the AI and Tech Talent Task Force
  7. Department of Labor
  8. Office of Management and Budget
  9. Office of Personnel Management
  10. Department of Commerce
  11. Sector Risk Management Agencies
  12. National Science Foundation
  13. Department of State
  14. Department of Health and Human Services
  15. Department of Justice
  16. General Services Administration
  17. Department of Energy
  18. Small Business Administration
  19. U.S. Agency for International Development & Department of State
  20. Federal Trade Commission
  21. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The full update can be viewed on the White House webpage linked to this post.

Agencies reported that they have completed all of the 90-day actions tasked by the E.O. and advanced other vital directives that the Order tasked over a longer timeframe.