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Our Take on AI

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Law professor argues in favor of patent protection for AI-generated inventions — for the good of science

In his piece on the Artificial Inventor Project, Professor Ryan Abbott makes his case for harmonization of laws regarding the patentability of artificial intelligence-generated inventions, in the U.S. and elsewhere.  He explains that, in particular, a regime that does not afford patent protection to such inventions "could seriously hamper innovation in biomedicine," an area for which he argues patents are probably more important than in any other field of commercial activity.

In the United States, it falls to Congress to fix this state of affairs by amending the Patent Act. In June, I testified before a US Senate subcommittee, in a hearing on whether AI-generated inventions should be protected. Congress must act, to preserve the nation’s competitiveness and ensure that the fruits of AI-led research can benefit people worldwide.


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